I’ve listened to and covered Stevie’s music for years. Songs In The Key Of Life is arguably one of the best albums ever made, it’s even preserved in the Library of Congress! So what’s it like when an artist takes his masterpiece back on the road almost forty years later?

Better with age, apparently. Aside from a bit of feedback in the house during “Summer Soft”, the rest of the show was pretty much perfect. I feel fortunate not only to have seen a legend, but to also experience the other musicians working to recreate this music. I would guess it took about forty musicians on stage throughout the night, and they were all top notch! I especially loved the backup singers, one of whom was Stevie’s daughter Aisha (the “she” in “Isn’t She Lovely”!).

I got some great video recordings for my home collection, and great memories of a crazy trip to Philly!