Recording – Finally!!

After far too long, I’ve made a little progress with my upcoming album… The progress being that we recorded everything!

First off, I need to give a big thanks to my band, all outstanding players and amazing people to work with:

Graciliano Zambonin – drums
Yoonmi Choi – Piano
Mike Roninson – Bass


We went for something a bit different and tried a live room for recording; very different than isolation booths that we are used to recording in. The vibe of the music definitely changed, and the interactivity between musicians is great.

There are some more steps to go through, as it looks like we’ll probably re-record at least one of the tracks in September… Then mixing and mastering… And finally, production.

It’s an exciting time, and I hope you’ll share in the music with as as we move forward!

180809-Recording 180809-Recording2


We hit the ground running in 2018! As we continue to arrange and shape the music for the album, new ideas and possibilities emerge.

I set up a show at the Centre d’art de Montréal, and had a successful show there on 2 February. Unfortunately, the usual crew were not available to make the trip, but I was lucky in finding the musicians I needed in Montreal! The band consisted of William on drums, William on bass, and Felix on piano. We were able to pull an entire two hour show off with just one same-day rehearsal, these guys are great!

The Montreal cats!

The Montreal cats!

The Montreal cats!

The Montreal cats!





I’m waiting on some more footage from the gig, stay tuned for the updates.

We’re continuing to work at developing the album, it’s been a great adventure so far. Hopefully 2018 will see more gigs abroad, as we connect with our international audience… See you soon!

September 2017: Portugal, Spain, Morocco

I’ve been terrible at keeping the blog updated, but for what I hope is a good reason: a lot of travel, networking with fellow musicians, and drawing inspiration to write. My travels took me to several cities in Portugal, Seville and Barcelona in Spain, and Casablanca in Morocco.

I had the fortune to meet a few great people along the way, and connect with a few stellar musicians on the scene in Europe.

Keeping the post to the scope of music, here’s what the trip boiled down to:

I spent most of my time in and around Lisbon. I took in a lot of live music, and did my share of playing at various sessions throughout the city. My favorite by far was a late night at Hot Club’s jam session on Tuesday night (click here for photo).

I enjoyed the finest local flamenco in Seville as well as exposure to the beautiful people and culture of Andalusia.

I flew all the way to Barcelona to enjoy a concert featuring Joan Chamorro, Rita Payés, and Andrea Motis. The night before the show, I went to Jamboree Jazz Club for their jam session. I sat in and played throughout the night with a wide variety of musicians, all quite talented!

Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled due to the civil unrest and Spain’s violent response to the Catalonian referendum. Even though I didn’t get to see the show, it was more than an interesting enough experience being in the heart of Barcelona at such an interesting time. I drew a lot of inspiration from the Catalan people and their message…

Finally, I spent two days in Casablanca, where I spent all of my time wandering the streets and taking in the wide variety of street musicians and culture. I wish I had more time to spend there, and I will definitely return.

Perhaps most importantly, I finally have all of the pieces together to record my debut album I’ve been talking about for longer than I’d care to admit. I’m hoping to finish up with collaborative writing late this year or early next year, with a target of January / February for studio recording. I’ve already poured a significant amount of time and energy into this album, and the music has already been through several iterations (read: improvements). Join me as I complete the journey with my core group of musicians, and a few special guests sprinkled into the mix!

Stay tuned for album updates, insider views of the writing, recording, and release, and a record release party!


Summer 2016

Hello all! As usual, the summer brings a demanding performance schedule! This summer, there has been a lot of interest in Worla’ Roots, and we’ve been playing throughout NYC! Two shows left on the books for August, catch us at Parkchester’s summer concert series, and at the Gun Hill Brewery! Show dates and info here.

I’ve also gotten a few musicians together to get going on some original music (FINALLY)! The Imraan Khan Quartet has been performing and rehearsing all summer, continually honing our craft. The band consists of:

Graciliano – Drums
Steve – Guitar
Jack – Bass
IK – Sax

It’s been an interesting project to start, as we all come from very different musical backgrounds. Graciliano is straight out of Brazil, Jack joins us from Manchester U.K., and Steve is from Massachusetts. Put us all together and we have quite the unique sound! As of now, we are performing every Tuesday night at Big Belly Roti Shop in Harlem, please join us 7pm – 9pm!

More soon to come…

Yamaha WX-7

I was recently able to purchase a Yamaha WX-7 MIDI wind controller to replace my Akai EWI-USB (stopped working), and have been having a lot of fun with it!

You can check out a clip of me playing it for the first time here.

The music has been keeping me on my toes for the last few months! Reprimand has been the busiest we’ve ever been, with many weddings and private events. Worla’ Roots reggae band has also been picking up, with their fair share of gigs throughout the NYC area. Check out our new demo here!

The next big one is the Reprimand’s annual Halloween show at Eleanor Rigbys in Mineola! come out in costume, if you win the costume contest you could earn yourself a free dinner!


Some exciting things in the works, stay tuned!

2015 Updates!

2015 has been quite a busy year so far! As of now you’ll find me performing with Reprimand, Custom Blend (jazz), Worla’ Roots (reggae), Souled Out (classic rock), Blood Brothers (Springsteen tribute), Around Town Entertainment, and a few side gigs here and there.

In March I was excited to unveil my new project, Worla’ Roots reggae band. This is a reggae band like you’ve never heard before! Playing the best of lover’s rock and more, with music by great artists such as Gregory Issacs, Horace Andy, Dennis Brown, Carlton Livingston, and the obligatory Bob Marley. We are booking dates throughout the NYC and Long Island area this summer, like our Facebook page for updates on shows and to see clips from previous shows!

Reprimand has been racking up the weddings this year, with a few completed and a few left on the books. As a result, we haven’t had much time for too many public shows, but check our Facebook page for the latest. There are at least two shows happening this summer, and we’d love to see you all there!
You can also check out our new Instagram page for our pics and videos before, during, and after gigs!

Reprimand recently packed up and took a road trip to Pittsburgh to play a wedding. It’s been a while since we’ve hit the road, and a good time was had by both the guests and the band!

Here is a clip of “Don’t Stop Believin” I recorded during the wedding!

Here are some just-for-fun clips taken during the car ride home, featuring the one and only Keith!

“I Thank You”
“Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”

Finally, I am slowly getting a band together to host a weekly or bi-weekly jam session at Pugsley’s Pizza in the Bronx. Here is a clip of “Over The Rainbow”, featuring Joe (gtr), Ray (perc), and I.

Keep an eye on my events page for upcoming appearances, thanks for reading!!

Reprimand Wedding Lloyd Harbor

Reprimand at a wedding in Lloyd Harbor! 5/16/15


I’ve listened to and covered Stevie’s music for years. Songs In The Key Of Life is arguably one of the best albums ever made, it’s even preserved in the Library of Congress! So what’s it like when an artist takes his masterpiece back on the road almost forty years later?

Better with age, apparently. Aside from a bit of feedback in the house during “Summer Soft”, the rest of the show was pretty much perfect. I feel fortunate not only to have seen a legend, but to also experience the other musicians working to recreate this music. I would guess it took about forty musicians on stage throughout the night, and they were all top notch! I especially loved the backup singers, one of whom was Stevie’s daughter Aisha (the “she” in “Isn’t She Lovely”!).

I got some great video recordings for my home collection, and great memories of a crazy trip to Philly!


Recent Activities!

Hey all, I’ve neglected to post about two great performances I’ve had recently, time to share!

First up, my birthday party / gig! I know this is a late post, but it was a great night, and a few friends stopped by to make the night even more special! Thanks to Reprimand for indulging me on one or two guilty pleasures (was that me singing “Give It To Me Baby” by Rick James? Nahhhhh)

Second, I had the opportunity to share the stage with some heavyweight jazz musicians last weekend. This time around, I played a few tunes with Randy Weston, Essiet Essiet, Benito Gonzales, and Napoleon Revels-Bay… A humbling experience as always. It is always a privilege to work with these guys, great vibes and great music!

Coming soon: I just got tickets to see Stevie Wonder on his “Songs In The Key Of Life” tour! I’ll be stepping out to Philly for a show I never thought I’d see… But let’s see if I live to make it to the show, my Green Bay Packers are playing the Eagles that day!!

Stay tuned!


Devin and I share a joke mid-song!


Reprimand doing what we do best!

Halloween 2014 At Rigbys!

Darkness falls across L.I., the midnight hour drawing nigh
Musicians freed from tombs of wood, and they’ll be in YOUR neighborhood
And whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hellish hounds and buy for all the bar, a round
The hippest beats are in the air, the funk, the rock, and a bit of pop flair
And party people from every town are showing up and GETTING DOWN!
And though you fight to just sit still, your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist The music of the thr- REPRIMAND!

Ba-dah-DAH! ♪♩♪

This year we had the iCloud, a pirate, Johnny from Cobra Kai dojo, and COOL Jesus, among others! See you at the next one!

Me with a few of our costumed guests!

Me with a few of our costumed guests!


(Sweaty) me out of costume, with Reprimand, post-show!

2 of the siblings

2 of the siblings

Las Vegas Adventures

I just got back from a well spent week in Fabulous Las Vegas, NV! This was my second trip out there, and I had a great time enjoying the sights (Grand Canyon!), the food (Caesar’s Bacchanal buffet!), and of course, the music.

I have two friends who live in Vegas, both are extremely talented musicians I have had the pleasure of working with for a few months on board the Zuiderdam. If you’re ever in Vegas, you definitely want to check out any shows featuring Ashley Cesario-Fuller or Aaron Fuller…Thanks to both for your hospitality, next meeting in NYC!

Reprimand band member Devin (drums, vox) joined me in Vegas a few days into my trip, it was his first time out there. He loved the music scene, and was nice enough to record a few things for me. We caught the tail end of a Wednesday night funk jam hosted by A.J. Johnson (bass/vocals) at the Brooklyn Bowl, located in the Linq. Musicians were all top caliber, and what a great venue!

We got to catch Aaron playing at Carnaval Court (sic) with the band Mr. $ Mrs. Smith, you can view a few clips from the show here!

Also, not only were we lucky enough to catch Ashley in action, I was also able to sit in on a few tunes with her! She’s definitely one of the BEST singers I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing a stage with, well worth a listen. Check out Ashley and I at the T-Spot Lounge, Tuscany Suites & Casino, performing “Georgia On My Mind” and “What You Won’t Do For Love”.

Stay tuned for the next adventure…

 IMG_1632 Canyon 3 Canyon 2 IMG_1600